Hedgehog Wall and Octopus drying gloves and boots in cabin

Hedgehog Dryer one of "Top 10 Standout Products" from Outdoor Retailer 2023 Winter Show

GearJunkie.com highlighted Hedgehog Dryer as one of the Top 10 Standout Products from the November 2023 Outdoor Retailer Winter trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is the description:

"Hedgehog Buddy Black Ionic i3 Boot Dryer

Hedgehog is taking boot dryers to the next level. The Scandinavian company made waves with its fast heating, odor-fighting boot and glove dryers. In 2022, it won the Red Dot Award for Product Design, the MUSE Design Award, and the NY Product Design Award.

These dryers use a brushless motor, a purpose-built impeller, and a ceramic heating element to blast hot air at high pressure into gloves, shoes, or boots. Meanwhile, negatively charged ions help fight odors and keep your footwear smelling fresh.

Hedgehog’s new Buddy Black Ionic i3 boot and glove dryer can dry three pairs of gloves or boots at once. It can be wall-mounted or hung in a closet from a coat hanger. It has a 10-hour timer (which seems like overkill, since the brand claims it will dry almost anything out in under 40 minutes) and temperature settings for 37, 45, and 60 degrees."

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